Eyebrows                $16

Lip                               $8

Chin                           $10

Sideburns               $12

Cheeks                     $10

Nostrils                    $10

Ears                           $10

Neck                         $12

Full Face                 $45



Brazilian                       $47

Bikini Line                    $30

Bikini Full                     $40

Buttocks                       $20

Underarms                   $16

Chest strip                    $12

Chest                              $35

Upper Back                   $35

Lower Back                   $35

Full Back                       $65

Shoulders                     $25

Upper Arms                  $25

Lower Arms                  $25

Full Arms                       $45
(including upper arms, lower arms & hands)

Hands                               $15

Lower Legs                     $35

Upper Legs                     $40

Full Legs                           $70
(includes toes)

Toes                                   $10

Stomach Strip               $10
(Happy trail)

Full Stomach                $32

Common questions and things to know before your appointment.....

  • The first wax tends to be more uncomfortable because the root of your hair is at its thickest.  Waxing regularly will thin out the root, soften the hairs, and allow the hairs to come out easier with each wax appointment.
  • Regular exfoliation is the key to preventing ingrown hairs.  2-3 times each week is recommended to get rid of the excess dead skin cells we shed daily.  This allows the hair to grow back freely without getting trapped under the skin.
  • Being consistent will provide longer-lasting results. Stick to waxing once every 3-4 weeks to get your hairs on the same growth cycle.  This will help to not have different hairs growing at different lengths and times.
  • To avoid irritations: Do not exercise or soak in a bathtub, hot tub, or pool for 24 hours after a wax.
  • Do not waste your money waxing if you are going to shave in between visits!  Shaving causes the hair to grow back thick and coarse which ruins the benefits of waxing.
  • Don’t expose waxed areas to the sun for a week in order to avoid redness or hyper-pigmentation.
  • Avoid using any at-home products (i.e. body wash, lotion, deodorant) that contain parabens. Parabens are preservative chemicals that can leave residue on your skin which can clog your pores, resulting in ingrown hairs.
  • Gently exfoliate your skin 24 hours BEFORE your appointment to free up any little hairs that might be trapped under the skin.  This will help you get a cleaner wax on the day of your visit.
  • Drink your water!!  Hydrated skin= smooth skin!