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A manual skill were pigment is placed into the surface layer of the dermis. By doing this you achieve a fuller brow. Your eyebrows are carefully mapped out to find a shape that frames your unique face. Your first appointment will take 2.5-3 hours.  You'll be sent home with after care instructions at the end of your appointment. We'll also set up a touch up appointment for 4-6 weeks to deposit more color and check on the healing process. This appointment is only 1.5-2 hours. 

The healing process can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. During this time its important to refer back to your after care instructions to ensure minimal fading and proper healing. Frequent sun exposure can cause the pigment to fade more quickly, always wear sunscreen when you are out. Microblading can last anywhere from 6-18 months with proper aftercare. 

Consultation                                 Complimentary

Brows                                               $375 

4-6 week touch up*                    $50

Shading                                           $45

Additional brow touch ups     $85 (before 3 months)

Between 5-10 months              $130

 10-18 months                              $200

After 2 years full price

Freckles                                          $150

Beauty mark                                 $50

A $100 dollar deposit is required for eyebrows. A $45 dollar deposit is required for freckles. Deposits will go towards service cost. Deposits are non refundable. 

*Touch up must be booked on the same day of your first appointment. 

**Please note final results do very based on skin type and lifestyle and CAN NOT be guaranteed. 

***Prices are subject to change.

Some common questions & other helpful things to consider before microblading...

  • Do not work out 24 hours before procedure
  • NO alcohol or caffeine 48 hours before procedure
  • Avoid sun and tanning before procedure
  • Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Advil, Ibuprofen, 48 hours before
  • Discontinue retina-A at least 4 week prior to procedure and avoid the eyebrow area after procedure.
  • Refrain from using any Alpha Hydroxy Acid(AHA) products close to the eyebrow area 2 weeks prior and avoid area after as well
  • Botox and filler on the forehead, temple, and eye area should be avoided 1 month prior to procedure for those who do not regularly receive injectables. 
  • No brow waxing, tinting, or threading one week prior! The more natural hair growth you have the better!
  • Avoid chemical peels, microdermabrasion or facials 4 weeks prior procedure.
  • You will be more sensitive during your period
  • You will be numbed before the procedure, but will still feel some sensation.  Most clients say any discomfort is between 1-3 on a scale of 1-10.
  • Your semi-permanent makeup will appear darker and bigger than expected for the first few days. This will gradually lighten during the complete healing process.

Permanent makeup is NOT recommended for any guests who are or have:

  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Diabetic
  • Viral infections and/or diseases
  • Tendency towards keloids
  • Used Accutane in the past year
  • Allergic to Lidocaine

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before my procedure?

For eyebrows: If you have an ideal shape and color in mind, bring a few reference photos with you to your appointment. If you regularly get your eyebrows shaped, waxed, threaded or tinted, please let me know. If there are any stray hairs that fall outside of our final shape, we can remove them. You may fill-in your eyebrows prior to your appointment if you wish so we can get a sense of what your daily makeup routine is like. If you plan to go on a vacation, it is recommended to plan your trip a minimum of 14 days after the procedure. We also request our clients avoid prescription blood thinners (if possible) for 24 hours prior to their appointment. This also includes Vitamin E, Aspirin and Alcohol.

How long does Cosmetic Tattooing last?

The treatment is considered semi-permanent and will not wash off, however, it will fade over time and may need a touch-up every 1-3 years. Frequency of touch-ups depends on a number of factors including: the pigment color used (lighter colors fade faster), lifestyle (sun exposure), iron deficiency (your body absorbs iron-oxide as a supplement), and if any chemical peels come into contact with treated areas. Please note that final results can not be guaranteed as each unique skintype will hold pigments differently and break down at different rates. I will re-evaluate how your skin has received the pigment at your touch-up appointment and make any changes necessary.

Touch-ups are normal for cosmetic tattoo procedures, with each new procedure requiring 2 visits. The initial procedure followed by a free touch-up procedure about 2 months later. Previously tattooed eyebrows may require one or two additional appointments.

How many treatments are needed?

Two treatments are usually needed, at least 8 weeks apart. Sometimes just one treatment is sufficient, but a touch-up appointment is offered just in case. With most procedures, the color looks dramatically lighter after the first week. Some clients prefer this, while others opt for a bolder look. At the second treatment, we will assess the color retention and make adjustments as necessary. Everyone heals differently and at different rates. If your cosmetic tattoo does not heal perfectly the first time, do not worry! We can always go darker and add more density at your next appointment.

What are the pigments made of?

The pigments used in Cosmetic Tattooing come in a variety of colors specially formulated with iron oxide, an ingredient safe for the skin. I do not use pigments made from organic ingredients, such as vegetables as they have a high risk of carrying bacteria and causing allergic reactions. Because color is implanted just underneath the dermal layer of the skin, the resulting shade is soft and muted, unlike regular cosmetic makeup that sits on the surface of the skin.

How will my Cosmetic Tattoo look in the future?

During your appointment, we will analyze your skin's undertone to anticipate how pigment colors will fade in the future. We will also mix pigments to ensure color remains in the same tone. The majority of our clients' cosmetic tattoos stay true to color. There are some cases, however, where colors may fade to different tones according to the individual’s response to the pigments (like lifestyle and iron deficiencies). Many factors affect these changes. At your follow up appointment, we will re-analyze how your body has responded to the initial color. Special formula alteration to correct the color and to prevent further color change is made at this time. 

What should I do after the procedure?

We will provide you with aftercare instructions following your procedure. It is highly beneficial to follow these instructions to ensure a comfortable healing process and to achieve the best results. The most essential aftercare is to keep the treated area moist, DO NOT rub or pick the healing area as the color will peel off prematurely, and avoid extreme heat and contaminated bodies of water (such as saunas, Jacuzzis, steam rooms, pools, lakes, places with hot humidity).